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Compare Board Certified Docs and ABMS Directory websites.
    The Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists is a fully electronic reference tool.

    Previously published as a multi-volume, annual print reference with a companion website, it became increasingly difficult to keep the Directory up to date with new specialists and new information.

    An invaluable resource with trusted data for patrons who want to know:
    • Is my doctor board certified?
    • Who are the board certified physicians in the specialty I need in my geographic area? (e.g. I need a Pediatrician in Grand Rapids or an Allergist in Spokane, etc)

    As an electronic directory this information is a fully searchable electronic database that includes:
    • Quick and easy search form. Search by name, gender, specialty, subspecialty, city, state, zip code and original certification year - or any combination!
    • Quarterly updates (instead of just once a year when it was a book)
    • Detailed, easy to read physician profiles, (without the cryptic abbreviations that were necessary in the past), including:
      • Specialty(ies) in which the physician is certified
      • An indication of how long the physician has been practicing
      • Maintenance of Certification participation status (continuous professional development for physicians)
      • Additional professional information, when available including:
        • Birth Place
        • Medical school attended
        • Where Internship, Residency and Fellowship training was completed
        • Hospital Appointments
        • Type of Practice
        • Professional Memberships
        • Primary and Secondary office contact information (including fax numbers and websites)

    Pricing options for single and multi-user password access as well as multi-user IP recognition options. Discover the advantages of this electronic subscription today!

    Pricing Options:
    Single concurrent user - password access $949.00
    IP Recognition - 5 concurrent users; single location $1049.00

    Other pricing options available.

    Contact our sales team at:
    P: 866-416-6697 Option 1 E:
    OR your preferred library wholesaler.

    NOTE: This website does not meet Primary Source Verification (PSV) standards for credentialing. If you require PSV please visit
Data Licenses

Data licenses are available for integration and access within your systems.

It's an ideal solution for:

  • Matching information with your own files
  • Integration with internal databases for credentialing
  • Membership recruitment for professional societies
  • Admission verification on physician-only portals and sites
  • HEDIS purposes at health plans, and
  • Much more!

Available in XML and pipe-delimited formats.  Data can be licensed in whole or just the portions that best suit your needs.

Contact 866-416-6697 Option 1 or

Mailing Lists

Current and accurate mailing lists are available through our list broker, Lake Group Media. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) physician file is drawn from the Official ABMS Directory, the pre-eminent source for information about board certified physicians.

Customize your list criteria with selects for: specialty, sub-specialty, certification expire date, type of practice, age, gender, medical school and graduation year, and more! A complete rate card with list rental details for the ABMS file is available at For additional list information or rental requests please contact:

Lake Group Media
Jinelle Cruz


Marketing Tools

The following links provide materials to help ABMS Directory subscribers promote the website to patrons and increase awareness as well as usage. These materials were created based on feedback from a customer survey about the types of materials you would find most useful.

  • Bookmarks - Print as many sheets as you need, cut apart and distribute. Bookmarks.pdf
  • Descriptive copy - short description of the website (see below) that you can copy/paste into a document to customize with details specific to your location, then post on your website, add to newsletters, send in emails, etc.
  • ABMS Directory Introduction: A short video (4:09) with audio for new users - designed for easy self-service by patrons and staff to understand the most effective ways to use ABMS Directory. Just add a link to this video where your users will find it easily on your site.
  • Graphics - Select a size from the banner ads below. We chose two larger options to allow you to downsize the image as necessary without distorting the image. Once you have the size you need, upload it to your website (including the URL to the page where you want the user to land when they click on the banner ad) so that patrons and other constituents will know the website is available in your facility.
  • Electronic Catalog - If you have access to OCLC you'll find a MARC record for ABMS Directory at #802907803. NOTE: If you downloaded that record prior to October 2015, some of the information was incorrect. Please download the current version from OCLC.

Descriptive Copy

The Official ABMS Directory ® of Board Certified Medical Specialists is an electronic database that is available through our facility at (insert a link here that will lead the user to the page or bookmark on your website where they can connect to NOTE: you may also need to provide an explanation here if your patrons can only access ABMS Directory from within your building or if available, include instructions for how to access through your remote secure login.

This website is updated quarterly and includes:

  • Detailed profiles for more than 900,000 board certified physicians
  • Coverage of 50+ medical specialties and 100+ sub-specialties from all 24 Member Boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
  • Option to search by geographic area to find board certified physicians in your area
  • Profiles with specialty and sub-specialty certifications, training details, original certification year to let you know approximately how long the physician has been practicing and more

Contact a librarian if you need assistance with