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    The Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists is a fully electronic reference tool.

    Previously published as a multi-volume, annual print reference with a companion website, it became increasingly difficult to keep the Directory up to date with new specialists and new information.

    An invaluable resource with trusted data for patrons who want to know:
    • Is my doctor board certified?
    • Who are the board certified physicians in the specialty I need in my geographic area? (e.g. I need a Pediatrician in Grand Rapids or an Allergist in Spokane, etc)

    As an electronic directory this information is a fully searchable electronic database that includes:
    • Quick and easy search form. Search by name, gender, specialty, subspecialty, city, state, zip code and original certification year - or any combination!
    • Quarterly updates (instead of just once a year when it was a book)
    • Detailed, easy to read physician profiles, (without the cryptic abbreviations that were necessary in the past), including:
      • Specialty(ies) in which the physician is certified
      • An indication of how long the physician has been practicing
      • Maintenance of Certification participation status (continuous professional development for physicians)
      • Additional professional information, when available including:
        • Birth Place
        • Medical school attended
        • Where Internship, Residency and Fellowship training was completed
        • Hospital Appointments
        • Type of Practice
        • Professional Memberships
        • Primary and Secondary office contact information (including fax numbers and websites)